Programs and Services

The Vines Hospital, located in Ocala, Florida, provides comprehensive psychiatric and behavioral health treatment services to adults and adolescents. Our care is always individualized and designed to address the unique needs and challenges of our patients.

A woman holds notes, explaining something to the two men in the room with her.

Behavioral Health Treatment Programs

The Vines Hospital offers acute crisis stabilization, psychiatric care and detox services to adults suffering from addiction or mental health issues. Our team of qualified therapists design individualized treatment plans to meet each individual’s needs. We strongly encourage family involvement as part of the recovery process.

Our continuum of care features programs at different levels to address the severity of each patient’s condition. The program to which a person is admitted depends on the results of a no-cost assessment. Patients can transition into less restrictive care after graduating from a more intensive program.

All residents enjoy a semi-private room, recreation therapy, designated smoking areas and access to the facility phone (subject to phone schedule).

Our Continuum of Care