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Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient Psychiatric Services

Inpatient Treatment for Psychiatric Disorders

Inpatient psychiatric services at the Vines Hospital provide treatment beyond stabilization to adults with behavioral health or detox needs. The goal is to achieve a level of stabilization as rapidly as possible. Treatment occurs through individual meetings with a psychiatrist and counselor and group counseling led by a licensed therapist.

Each patient is treated by a multidisciplinary team that consults with them to develop an individualized plan of care. The plan of care outlines the treatment goals and activities based on the identified needs of the individual patient.

Components of Inpatient Treatment

  • Illness education: teaching the patient and family the causes, symptoms and treatments of the diagnosed illness
  • Anger management
  • Communication skills
  • Coping skills
  • Setting and attaining goals

Discharge Planning

At the time of discharge, patients receive a discharge plan with instructions for medications and outpatient follow-up services. Patient and family involvement is critical in developing an appropriate discharge plan that will provide continued support for wellness.

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